Steel Structure VS Traditional Materials: Which is best for your build?

At Helconia, we often recommend using light-weight steel structure when constructing new-build and development projects in Cyprus. 

But how exactly does light-weight steel structure compare to traditional materials like wood, and why might it be best for your project? 




Cost is a big consideration whenever you are making decisions for your development project. Steel framing can lower construction costs. Steel buildings normally range from €50-€70 per square foot, whereas wood structure buildings can cost up to €300 to €320 per square foot.



Warranty on your project is often more effective when using light-weight steel structure because steel does not shrink, split or warp. There are also no nails or drywall cracks to fix after you have completed the structure. 


A one-year warranty is typical with conventional construction. Steel buildings generally come with a lifetime warranty on the structure.



For the environmentally-conscious developer, the consistent quality of light-weight steel structure means that scrap is drastically reduced. Scrap is typically 2% for steel versus 20% for wood.


The Elements

The elements affect conventional construction and steel buildings quite differently. 


Steel buildings can be designed to withstand a 160 mph sustained wind. If your project is near the coast here in Cyprus, this wind resistance is very important. Particularly in the winter months and storm season. 


While you can burn a conventional construction building down with one match, steel is virtually flame retardant. This is essential when building in Cyprus near the woodlands and forest areas as in the summer months they are susceptible to natural forest fires. 


Termite damage

Hundreds of millions of euros are spent on repairing and maintaining conventional construction buildings each year due to termite damage. Steel, however, is resistant to termite damage, so this is one less thing to worry about. 



Expansion on conventional construction buildings can be expensive and sometimes impossible. Steel buildings allow the flexibility to expand in almost any size or shape effectively – perfect for adding an extension to your property in the future.


If you’re thinking about building in Cyprus and want to talk to an expert about using light-weight steel structure, get in touch with Helconia for a conversation with one of our experts.